October 20, 2010

5Rhythms Spiritual Dance Practice

The 5Rhythms is a dance practice called movement as spiritual practice and a healing journey for the untamed spirit.


Created by Gabrielle Roth several decades ago, it has an international following and thrives in New York City. Introduced to this through the grace of meeting someone training to teach the 5Rhythms, it has brought remarkable awareness into my life. Initially, sweating like never before was astonishing and fun and felt good. Then the real experiences started. Moving so much started to "unstick" things inside me. I am amazed to witness this. It's fun but can lead to some difficult places too. For anyone who is a seeker, the places are where we want to go, scary as they might sometimes be. It might sound a little nuts that a dance practice could do this but life is full of things that are nuts, including us, right.

October 9, 2007

Late Night Bocce Ball Fun

Over in Park Slope, Brooklyn, there's a great place to go called Union Hall. Their elegant, spacious interior houses, among other amenities, two bocce ball courts.

Bocce Ball at Union Hall

A less-interested sportsperson than me there could not be, however, someone was nice enough to ask me if I felt like playing and it was a great atmosphere and looked intriguing so I did. Boy, did I have fun, not to mention that my team won, which was just me and a nice guy I met named Chad. I've never seen bocce before, let alone played it and I can see why it draws a crowd here. I read a bunch of online reviews of this place and while most people like it, there are complaints too. I went late on a Monday holiday evening so perhaps I'd have to see it under varied circumstances but I had an extremely favorable impression.

Union Hall, Brooklyn

Union Hall is a beautiful place — exceptionally spacious, elegant calm lighting, a library that lives look and feel. Park Slope is filled with restaurants and interesting spots in which to spend time — The Tea Room offers something similar and really nice too at 837 Union Street. I guess I'm not as jaded as I used to be. But I can't stand bad service and overly crowded, noisy places. Last night, Union Hall got a top rating from me. I applaud them for offering not just another restaurant or bar but a place that gives you a calm, enjoyable unique experience. They also offer live music downstairs, which looks like a great room (can't vouch for the sound) and interesting lectures.