October 23, 2008

City Complications

After months of positive parking experiences, my car was towed in midtown Wednesday night, causing chaos and two days' lost work as the situation became more complicated. Turns out I parked at a commercial Muni meter and even though it was past meter times at night, you have to have commercial plates to park there. Everyone at the city offices was helpful; it was just a very tangled mess of red tape and scary costs plus late fees on already paid tickets and more. I am so grateful to have my car back now.

Car Tow 

May 14, 2008

Fast, Cheap and Great Dinnerware

In my business (design / advertising / communications), they say you can only have two of the three: FAST, CHEAP AND GREAT. Well, that is almost always true but the dinnerware below achieves all three with rare elan.

Super Well-Priced Dinnerware at CB2

These nice square white plates are priced from $.95 to $4.95/each at CB2 and are just $1.95 for the medium 6.5" size. They are sturdy and look great. White looks soothing on your table when added to other striking colors. Every now and then, a real bargain comes your way. Also check out CB2‘s stemless glasses for another good deal in pretty housewares that will leave you enough money to consider owning a bed and chairs.

April 13, 2008

We're All Nuts

A friend sent me a bunch of the-price-of-gas-is-ridiculous cartoons and this was my favorite.

Skyrocketing Price of Gasoline

Why do we accept these prices? At least we can still laugh about it. 

January 21, 2008

Selling Online

I'm trying my hand at selling online. As a design maven, I buy a healthy share of what I find to be intriguing apparel and home items, usually colorful, of course. Over the last couple of years, I learned (thank you Zappos especially) what styles of shoes I both love, find extremely comfortable and believe to be the most flattering for me. Online shopping has made it possible to be pickier than in the past. You have access to more and can sort and search more deeply than in a physical store. As a result, I got tough about not wearing uncomfortable shoes when so many beautiful ones exist that are comfortable. So now I have a lot of worn-only-once-or-so chic footwear that I'd rather make some money back from than just donate.

Gorgeous Sandals on the Cheap

I'm selling, among other items, sandals by L to R Charles David, Charles by Charles David, Aerosoles

eBay isn't easy for me; I've tried. And I found trying to get in touch with them virtually impossible. So I found a company that puts items on eBay for you. Of course, they charge you a percentage but they take care of all the complications. When eBay first became popular, I was confused that so many people would want used items. But I wasn't thinking about how much I love antiquing, not to mention that one man's trash is another man's treasure. I'm still surprised at the breadth of eBay's success. Wish me luck. And if anyone's interested, these beauties and more are all size 7B, going on the cheap. :)

December 14, 2005

What is Money?

Do you ever wonder what money really is? Money is a made-up concept represented by paper with numbers and pictures on it that we use to trade for goods and services. But money means so many different things. What does it mean to you?

piggybankmoney flying

Money can mean freedom. A new beginning. An old dream. A different life. Money can mean being stuck in a boring, tedious job for fear of being without money. Money can make us stingy or kind. It can make us "think big" or hord things. Money wears many faces.

I am setting up a new relationship with money. Though basically good with numbers, a happy relationship wtih money has eluded me. I am now questioning why. Like other behavioral traits, our attitude and relationship with money can be strongly influenced by the way our parents did or didn't do things. I've been reading books on money lately. My favorite is the best-selling Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I like it because he opens your mind up to new ways of looking at money. Despite being filthy rich, he seems to have a down-to-earth partnership with money.

Do you think that people who are kind are generous with money? Money is tied into so many different ways of looking at the world, what we deserve or want or think we need, that it isn't as simple as nice = generous. They say that money breaks up more marriages than anything else.

When charging clients, do you determine fairness based on what everybody else is doing or some other standard? Economics is part of all of us playing this money game. To whom do you give "deals," and how is it a deal if you're not being paid fairly for services rendered? I am beginning to wish there was no concept of bargaining. Thinking about money can make you feel Socialist when you thought you were a Capitalist. I don't think I'm an anything-ist (but I'm not a Nihilist either).  

What I like about the ideas Robert Kiyosaki puts forth is that he begins to make you see that money is a constructed game of sorts. He has even created a board game called Cashflow. Cashflow aims to teach you how to get out of the "rat race," the endless trip so many of us run from paycheck to paycheck, even if that paycheck is decent. I, for one, want out of the rat race and am determined to find my way through the maze.