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Will the Real Pinnochio Please Stand Up

I've had a thing for Pinnochio forever. Maybe that's where I first went wrong in childhood, loving the lying little boy. Alas. However, I'm an optimist so I don't really buy that. Pinnochio is appealing for many reasons. The tale of a little wooden puppet boy who is loved into reality by his father / maker is compelling indeed. His inability to hide his true nature, as his nose grows when he lies, is a great twist of literature, to me, encompassing profound concepts.

We cannot hide our true natures, says Pinnochio. Face them and the truth will set you free, in this case, granting a brave new world of life seemingly impossible. In this beautiful new year, I wish all of you and me too a world of seemingly impossible beauty and reality, filled with happiness and adventure beyond our wildest dreams. Welcome, reality, welcome 2010. 


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