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January 30, 2010

Winter Frolick

Is there anything more adorable than a frolicking baby bear? Four new baby bears have taken up residence at the Bronx Zoo, thanks to people who care about keeping wildlife alive. Their moms were killed when they wandered too near humans, in different incidents. There's a reason every kid has her stash of stuffed bears. The real thing is amazing.


January 25, 2010

Cuteness Fix

For your daily cuteness fix, just go check out Zoo Borns. The cuteness never stops.


January 2, 2010

Will the Real Pinnochio Please Stand Up

I've had a thing for Pinnochio forever. Maybe that's where I first went wrong in childhood, loving the lying little boy. Alas. However, I'm an optimist so I don't really buy that. Pinnochio is appealing for many reasons. The tale of a little wooden puppet boy who is loved into reality by his father / maker is compelling indeed. His inability to hide his true nature, as his nose grows when he lies, is a great twist of literature, to me, encompassing profound concepts.

We cannot hide our true natures, says Pinnochio. Face them and the truth will set you free, in this case, granting a brave new world of life seemingly impossible. In this beautiful new year, I wish all of you and me too a world of seemingly impossible beauty and reality, filled with happiness and adventure beyond our wildest dreams. Welcome, reality, welcome 2010.