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February 21, 2009

Other Wordly Bathrooms

Famous for its bathrooms in a city full of places with gorgeous bathrooms, Bar 89 deserves its notoriety.

Bar 89

Located at 89 Mercer Street, the decor is nice and the food is pleasant but the bathrooms are like nothing you have ever seen. Except my friend in Paris just told me there is something there on the Rue de Madeleine that sounds similar. Kissing cousin cities Paris and New York deserve to each have one of these.  There were no photos of the bathrooms and a photo couldn't replicate the experience anyway. Besides a beautifully lit spacious sink area, the stall doors appear transparent but when someone goes in, they become magically opaque and a hologram-like word "occupied" appears with a simple latch of the door -- or perhaps it's sensitive to just walking inside. Masterful design work illustrating how great design creates new experiences and opens up your imagination, playfulness and sense of wonder.

February 20, 2009

The Right Drinks

In the happy maze of changing, growing, moving neighborhoods that is downtown New York City sits a pocket of Soho that has expanded to house countless great places to eat, drink and experience life. One such unassuming spot is Shebeen at 202 Mott Street.


Circled above in purple is a bottle of Negro Modelo, which was there just as you see it. While you can get it at lots of places in the city, not a lot of bars carry it and I am always impressed when they do. Its rich dark flavor surpasses any other beer I've had and it makes me happy. Also happy making are Shebeen's cucumber martinis, right there waiting for you.

February 18, 2009

Colors of the Rainbow…

Eva Cassidy



The breathtaking Eva Cassidy sings Oh What a Wonderful World — let it make your day.