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January 19, 2009

Monday Magic

Billed as New York's longest running off-Broadway magic show, Monday Night Magic at the Bleecker Street Theatre is a blast.

Monday Night Magic

Torn money magically re-affixes in the hands and artistry of Asi Wind

Performers vary on different Mondays so you may want to go more than once. The magicians I saw were incredible and all had different styles. The stage allows the audience to see from three sides, making the illusions extra difficult. All sorts of incredible feats are performed and witty banter accompanies. A great time out with big imagination at play.

January 18, 2009

Open Always

Yaffa Cafe is open always, meaning all night. Perfect for city slickers who wake up as the sun reclines.

Yaffa Cafe

Known for its funky decor with zebra patterned chairs, the food is inexpensive and delicious. On St. Mark's Place in the Village, I will always love a city that never sleeps, not to mention friends that take me to such places.

January 17, 2009

Often Overlooked

New York city boasts amazing hotels and they proliferate. These are great spots for dinner and drinks, with incredible design features. One such hotel is the Hudson.

The Hudson Hotel

Recently, I had incredible drinks at the fireside lounge shown above right and then dinner at the excellent restaurant at the Hudson. Above left is part of the area between lounges inside. There are several to choose from. One has music. You can also have drinks along the sidelines at cool looking tables all along the walkways. The outdoor space is magnificent but it was too cold to spend time there this time of year. My date managed to find me a place with a fireplace, which I had requested. You can't beat that. We sampled several unusual drinks. My favorite was an Elderberry martini. Awesome.

January 5, 2009

Our Secret

Happy New Year one and all.

Conservatory Gardens The city offers many hidden treasures, not the least of which is this gorgeous pocket in uptown Central Park. I didn't know its name — The Conservatory Gardens — until I found a recent blurb about it but I have been amazed by its beauty for several years now. It looks just like this photo. You feel as if you are momentarily living in a place like Versailles. You become an instant poet just by visiting. It's on 104th Street and 5th avenue but don't tell anyone. It's our secret.