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Jeans with Great Genes

Now that I've gotten acquainted with the current crop of fancy schmancy jeans out there — thanks to previously mentioned Beginnings Bleus, a fantastic jeans store — my hands-down favorite brand is J Brand. Rocketed to popularity with their skinny jeans line — styles called the Cigarette, the Pencil and the Skinny, they also make the best flare leg out there, a style called Lovestory.

J Brand Jeans

L to R: J Brand Lovestory, J Brand Pencil in Lapis, J Brand Lovestory in White

Fitting jeans is personal and different factors — styles, washes, preferences, trends, body type etc. — go into picking the right pair(s). J Brand is one of the best fitting brands out there. I've gotten lots of compliments whenever I wear them, proving it's not just subjective opinion. They are also known for being very clean — no tricked out pockets or hardware or rips — and are meant to flatter the woman and make her look good instead of focusing on the jeans. And it works! They incorporate advanced materials in different stretch fabrics added to cotton. They take a little getting used to, as they mold to your body a bit more with wear and do stretch out a little, as do most jeans. As with all of these high-end jeans brands, every wash runs differently, even within the same style, so a great store like Beginnings Bleus is a must, despite great online resources once you know what you want. A fantastic mixture of classic style and modern technology.


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