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Wind-Powered Art

Aeolian Electric is the name of an art project that explores the power of wind and had its outdoor opening reception this Saturday at the East River Bank at 23rd Street in NYC.

Wind Powered Art

“The Wonders of Nature” by Cade Peterson

Eliott Montgomery from the Industrial Designers Society curated the show and had an inventive piece in it too (see below). The six creative designs are currently displayed on East 23rd Street at the East River Bank at a space called Solar One. The pieces were created to trigger focus, awareness and imagination surrounding the subject of renewable energy sources. Much is talked about these days regarding solar power, renewable energy and sustainable resources. This show aims to present a playful curiosity about this technical subject and to help bridge the gap between engineers and end-users. Heavy-duty sponsors include O2NYC and Toyota. It's a nice way for artists to voice their thoughts through their work.

Wind Powered Art

“Wind Tree” by Elliott Montgomery — the record (Winnie the Pooh) spins faster or slower depending on the power of the wind hitting the top of the “tree,” causing the voice to speed up or slow down too.


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