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It's Analog Mouse Season

Cold air has only just begun to blow in and my cats have managed to fell two mice in two days already.

Cats catching mice So far, my cats have only caught adorable little mice that look like the ones at left. They are so cute, it's incredible. Sometimes they're not dead yet but unfortunately, they usually are. It's still shocking for me and I really hope this doesn't continue and that the mice get wise that this isn't a good shelter for them.

The ways of the animal kingdom can seem brutal to us; I don't like that my cats don't leave these little creatures alone. I can tell when they're stalking but you can't see the mice so there's really nothing you can do. By the time you know about it, it's usually too late. Still, the timeless continuance of their pursuits and their hunting expertise are admirable, if the results don't please me much.


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