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E-Mail Clients

E-mail software has long been referred to as an e-mail "client," for some reason.

eudora At any rate, Eudora, poetically named for writer Eudora Welty, remains a powerful and simple solution. Tonight, I downloaded the software for my client, Houlihan Tattoos so they could use their web domain e-mail properly. They had been using Yahoo Mail with their Verizon account and it turned out that Yahoo Mail does not allow secondary e-mail accounts that require an SSL (secure socket layer), which is a desirable security trait for an e-mail address. So the client needed e-mail software that would allow them to check multiple addresses at once. Outlook does allow this, as do other options but Eudora remains a great choice that is very easy to use at first glance.

We got stuck looking for an "allow authentication" checkbox under technical options but eventually found it. Since I am a Mac diehard, working with their Windows Vista system was like groping in the dark. But a bottle of wine and many laughs later, all was well. I am so lucky to have clients I can have fun with too. Hooray for great software that does what it's supposed to do.


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I am a huge fan of Eudora as an email "client" (as they do indeed say and as I also do not entirely understand - why can't they just call it an application like everything else?!). Eudora is much easier as far as setting up personal choices and, most of all, to search within. It's notably much easier than Outlook which is the main other "client" - and yet far more people use Outlook. I suppose that's the same difference between PCs and Macs to those of you who knoww and appreciate the latter!

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