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Who's Your Audience

Writing a blog on a regular basis is an evolving experience.

Listen to your audience Besides the fact that you will automatically start to think more about written structure and what makes for different types of good writing, other unexpected processes take place. For instance, it occurred to me that when people write their blogs, they are consciously or unconsciously speaking to a certain audience. And the character and style of that unseen audience will influence how you “speak” your blog.

In an informal blog, your audience might be your closest friends, your inner voice or someone you look up to whose opinion you'd like to feel you've won over. In more commercial blogs, they might be speaking to novices or experts in a given field, whether the focus is cooking, politics, music, real estate, children, fashion or anything else. Like most artistic pursuits, which writing a blog is, no matter how casual, it's helpful to become more and more conscious of the sometimes unseen elements that contribute to its final shape.

I have to think a bit more to figure out who I think my audience is. But I realized that I don't speak to anyone I consider an expert. So when I talk about design, I am assuming that people reading don't necessarily know the sources I'm citing. There are lots of design blogs for people “in the know” but for some reason, I feel that my audience is more of a blank slate.


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