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Tattoo Artistry

Tommy Houlihan of Houlihan Tattoos creates amazing body art.

Tommy Houlihan Tattoos

Some examples of Tommy Houlihan's tattoo art

I'm finishing up Tommy's website this week. I never thought too much about tattoos but Tommy's artistry is up there with any other fine artist, in my opinion. Working on different artists' websites is incredibly satisfying to me and inspires me in different artistic ways. The endless variety of artistic impulses is a force of nature.

Yes, these pieces are sexy in that they decorate the naked human body; yes, they are scary, to me, in their permanence; yes, they are bold; and yes, they are inspirational in their inventiveness, color and variety. I am privileged to be in a position creating websites to show off my clients' work at its best. It's so much fun to work with different media and to use my own artistic and visionary skills to set off their artistry to advantage. I know I am doing them a service and helping to advance their visions with my own abilities; very cool work.


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