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Meatpacking Harmony in NYC

The Gansevoort Hotel is located, funnily enough, right next to Gansevoort Street in the West Village or Meatpacking district of NYC.

Gansevoort Hotel

The name sounds like New York's Dutch heritage to me. It's a chic, luxurious place. The whole neighborhood is thriving. As mentioned earlier, the IDSA held a joint networking event with the HFES (Human Factors Ergonomics Society) this past Tuesday.

Human Factors Ergonomics Society The HFES was in town from all over the country to attend a big conference. Did you know that Human Factors is a discipline in which you can major? And in fact, many, many people do and have for some time. The event was great. Thanks to sponsors, generous sushi abounded, which made the expensive mojitos I couldn't resist that much better.

Interesting to me is that engineers, of which there are many in the HFES, are so different in their thinking from designers, industrial and other, and yet the tasks and interests are similar. While both groups focus on how things operate, look and feel, the sub-focus and abilities vary greatly. All present agreed, however, that working together to design smart, beautiful and well-functioning things is ideal.


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