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Life Imitates Art Again

Color-drenched artist Liz Ward is my client; her website is just being completed, needing only the final shopping cart to finish up.

Sheep on a velvety night

The image at left is significant for me because the small beach at the end of my block has similar aspects. I love to go down there late at night and take in the peaceful view, which changes depending on the tide, activity in the water, the weather and nature's mood. It has looked like navy blue velvet to me lately, the color of the night sky in this painting. There's a piece of rock on one side that looks like an old judge's profile, the kind who wore wigs in British courts and it also looks like a sheep's face. I think of it as the sheepy judge. I like to point it out to people and sometimes they have their own nicknames for my sheepy judge.

Above, Sheep by Liz Ward


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