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Expressions of Faith

Long-lived BBC series, Monarch of the Glen, mentioned earlier, took many story turns in the course of its run. Most viewers felt that its finest moments carried through Season Five. While it's true that certain plot lines were mysteriously abandoned and almost all the original characters had departed by the last two seasons, the very last episode was a triumph and the most fantastic final statement.

The Glen Bogle Waterhorse

Magical water horse glides through ancient waters of the loch at Glen Bogle

The episode's story is that the laird's niece, Amy, takes a photograph of what appears to be a prehistoric water horse creature. Implications are that besides this being a huge scientific discovery, Glen Bogle could become rich beyond belief, flooded with tourists and whatever else could ensue from such a finding. It's a great idea because such a creature could believably exist in the 1,000-foot depths of the loch on Glen Bogle's massive Scottish estate.

Commercial gain but at what price, the gift and even responsibility of faith and what we all want from our lives are some of the thoughts posed by this plot line. It turns out that the water horse has been spotted throughout the years by locals. A drawing is etched on a rock, Hector, the previous laird, used to talk to his wife about it and Golly, the wise land worker, has heard it making odd sounds.

The writers are brave enough to have the lead character, who plays the role of the doubter initially, actually see the creature. His “vision” brings with it a transformation and peace, as such an experience might do. The story resolution is touching and full of faith and hope, a beautiful culmination to a fun series that captured its audience with gossipy plot lines as well as deeply moving revelations.


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