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Asian Design Today

Monday evening, I attended a lecture and exhibition reception at Sotheby's titled Creative Hong Kong. The event was co-chaired by the IDSA, which is how I got invited and heard about it.

Creative Hong Kong

Established designers from Hong Kong spoke about their work and thought process. All were men and all were well-traveled and spent plenty of time in the U.S. and Europe as well as Hong Kong, although all were born and raised in Hong Kong. Their approaches ranged from playful to serious. All the designers spoke about not maintaining a primarily Chinese or Japanese focus, however, there were elements in their work, in both practical and philosophical terms, that came from an Asian aesthetic. They were influenced greatly by practical needs of space constraints and traditional ways of living in Hong Kong. I had never been to an event at Sotheby's before so it was a nice opportunity. The building is very nice and the larger exhibition of which this lecture was a part was on display. It was a civilized New York art event; nice to be a part of it.


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