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Satisfying Storytelling

Monarch of the Glen is a BBC television series set in the Scottish Highlands that lasted seven years.

Monarch of the Glen

Extremely popular in Britain, the series deftly portrays a family cast with constantly entering and existing characters. Unique in its mixture of comedy and serial intrigue, the setting is almost an additional character. Central to the plotline is the fact that Archie McDonald has become the new laird (lord) of Glenbogle Castle. The laird system is a holdover from hundreds of years ago that lives on in parts of Scotland. These huge castles are impractical in today's world, costing a fortune to maintain and requiring constant upkeep. The laird and his family are an important part of village life, being the landowner of many surrounding homes and a sort of royalty. This series makes you feel part of the family. You come to understand the draw of Glenbogle, whose real life counterpart is alive and struggling in Scotland. A very enjoyable and satisfyingly long series. The father, Hector, played brilliantly by Richard Briers, is my favorite character. He is so great, it's hard to know what to attribute to the writing and what to the actor; he makes throw-away lines masterful.


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I can't believe you wrote about this series! Must be something genetic. I've been watching it for a while (I'm up to season 4) and just love it. How far along are you?? (P.S. If it's not Scottish, it's cr...., right?!)

Best -

That's great that you know it too. Yes, I love the Scottish backdrop besides the great plot writing. We'll have to compare notes on it. I'm up to the same point you are.

Do you also know Hamish MacBeth and Doc Martin? Two more awesome Scottish series. And have you seen the movie On a Clear Day? It's almost my favorite movie.

No, don't know any of those; I will definitely check them all out. Thanks so much.

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