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Qwerty Keyboards and
Technological Progress

The latest generation of cell phones feature QWERTY keyboards to make text messaging, using e-mail and doing internet exploration easier than a usual phone keypad.

Qwerty Keyboard Cell Phones

Pictured above: the Sidekick from T-Mobile

These mini keyboards are cute to look at and do work much better than the previous generation of cell phone for typing purposes, although using them as a phone can be awkward in some cases and they are necessarily heavier than the last wave of cell phone designs. I'm surprised the cameras aren't better, given the current superb state of digital photography; I assume this is because of marketing. My favorite part of this trend is hearing people say QWERTY keyboard who would never have known the phrase before. I first learned about the QWERTY keyboard when I plunged into graphic design and found its roots very interesting. Since I love to touch type, it's amazing to me that it's considered a difficult setup and far from the best choice that could have been made. Like many things we grow to love for its/their faults, however, the QWERTY keyboard appears here to stay and it's nice to see such an entrenched piece of history forging forward hand in hand with the latest technology.


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