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Fantasy Fonts

Graphic designers are in love with type.

Fantastic Fonts

And for good reason. Fonts fulfill fantasies and dreams and conjure up images and moods in an intensely beautiful and fun way. You can really go to town with fonts. This latest foray comes to me from a project I am working on for my client, cabaret singer, Karen Kohler (more on that in the near future). No matter how long you work with fonts, like all subjects and artistic pursuits with real depth, there is more to learn, explore and enjoy. Fonts are as varied as the people who draw them. Combine their versatility and numerous options with your own imagination and you won't be able to sleep at night for the fun you will have with fonts. One of the boons of computers is that people who previously weren't exposed to the magic of type design are more aware of its lure. The trick is to use these extravagant font styles in combination with simpler ones and create a beautiful interplay of luxury, surprise and legibility for a masterful piece of graphic communication.


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