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When One Door Closes…

…Another One Opens.

For cool head murder detective Ross Tanner, played by Clive Owen in the Mystery series Second Sight, this metaphor works several ways.

Mystery Series Second Sightin a field that prizes powers of observation above all else, star investigator Ross Tanner is losing his eyesight to a rare and unpredictable disease called Azoor. The disease is caused by a virus and can reverse, can cause slow vision loss or can cause complete blindness — perfect scenario for a troubled cop along the lines of many great mystery detectives, to drive him nuts and make doing his job that much harder. Ross has to hide his confounding predicament to those around him.

This series is so cool, it seems as if it could have been written by Oliver Sacks. As Tanner's eyesight lets him down, other powers of observation become keener and a touch of ESP seems to be a payoff. Clive Owen plays the role adeptly, with simplicity, intensity and passion. Fun stuff for mystery lovers and people who know that life's unpredictability is one of the best mysteries out there. 


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