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Well-Designed Groceries

Trader Joe's is loved by many. I found it last December when I had a party and needed great food without spending a fortune.

Trader Joe's fruit floesTrader Joe's is also cute. They understand marketing and put forth a whimsical version of old fashioned 1800s advertising art as their style (see left).

Their food has improved my nutrition. As a vegetarian (who does eat fish), there is lots from which to choose, all at great prices. I love their frozen edamame, better than what I've gotten elsewhere. Their cheese selection is vast; they have great fish — frozen, smoked etc. Fruits and vegetables, while not farmer's market fresh, are very good. They carry endive, one of my favorites that is hard to find. Their decaf coffee is the best. For desserts, light Fruit Floes, similar to what's pictured at left, are refreshing. For a party this weekend, I was asked to bring chocolate so I grabbed boxes of inventive chocolate treats with peanut butter fillings, with almonds, with coconut, all priced so that you can afford more than usual.

There are other fantastic markets throughout the city but they are much more expensive. Fairway is a runner up and a great store. Why don't more places follow in Trader Joe's footsteps (they say they “cut out the middle man” and bring food directly to the customer) — but at least we've got Joe.  


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