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Summer in the NYCity

The Metropolitan Museum of Art on 82nd Street and Fifth Avenue boasts a beautiful roof garden made for taking in a panoramic city view on a breezy summer night.

Jeff Koons at the Met's Roof Top Garden

Currently on display at the Met Roof Garden are sculptures by Jeff Koons

Tonight, the IDSA held their monthly stammtisch gathering there. The rooftop was jammed but it was big enough to hold everyone. Drinks are served from several bars. The view is spectacular. The weather tonight was perfect with just a touch of a breeze. Walking through the Met's vast collection on the way to the rooftop garden is awe-inspiring too. I couldn't help thinking how hard it must be for the museum to safeguard their treasures with vast throngs of people constantly going through. I don't know how they do it, even with guards, cases, ropes and security systems. Check out the roof garden if you're in the neighborhood for an appreciation of the city. It's fun to watch the lights come on in the buildings and the setting sun as the view changes. Art is all around us.

Went to dinner with friends afterwards at a place called Uptown on 88th Street and 3rd Avenue, a prime example of the countless restaurants throughout the city you can just fall into that have killer delicious food.  


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