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Living Learning

While doing research for a potential upcoming web client who is a journalist, I encountered the Columbia School of Journalism's website. I was impressed with its dynamic presentation.

Journalism's Brave New World

This is the best academic website I've seen by far. I believe this is a redesign, as I am quite sure I looked at their site last year and this was not the same site. The current design is successful for a number of reasons, not the least of which is stellar and varied photography, enhanced by intriguing brief captions.

Great Use of Simple Flash Animations

I have never seen an academic website that manages to convey the intellectual excitement of the institution until now. The site is extensive and contains tons of information. My only criticism is that I didn't find a sitemap, which a site this complex needs, besides search engine reasons to have it. This site is a great piece of marketing and informational “reporting” for a revered institution.


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