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KittyGate V: Chillin' Not Killin'

The momentum builds — KittyGate continues.

Kitty Office

They look pretty reasonable, no? These critters usually spend their time doing their own things if they're not actively being disgusted with each other but this is turning into a regular truce sort of thing now. It's too early for me to say that I'm thrilled but I am definitely excited about this progress. This is HUGE compared to what life has been like for nine months. And it all started with the erection of the KittyGate. See previous entries: KittyGate, KittyGate II, KittyGate III and KittyGate IV. For anyone who's wondering, yes, I let them stay there and didn't claim my chair back so as to relish this happy moment.

Artwork in computer screen by Jim Flora redux. 


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