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KittyGate IV: FeedingFrenzius Miraculous

Ripley's Believe It or Not is rumored to be clamoring for the rights to these snaps but you saw them here first. Miracles happen every day.

Kitties Learning to Get Along

What?, say you — I simply see a picture of two fuzzy house residents enjoying a munch break. Ah, say I — then you haven't visited these rooms of flying fur, screeching yelps and blood curdling growls ascending from the deepest basso profundo to the highest lyric soprano tones in recent times. This is the first occurrence in nine months of these two kitties being able to eat this close to each other without going nuts. Two nights in a row. Something good is in the air.

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Truly an amazing progression.

Looks like you have become an expert on kitty therapy.

Now, if these tactics would only work for humans...

Not out of the woods yet but definitely big progress -- thank you. You know, in a way some of this would work with humans. At the heart of it is taking things one step at a time, not overwhelming, not over-expecting, respecting each other's space and wishes -- a lot of things that do actually apply to humans. People and animals are not actually all that different, I think. Hmm. The part that's unique to cats, though, is learning to understand their hierarchy, which is different than our way of thinking. Very interesting.

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