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Spicy Music & Hot Dinner

On the corner of Houston & Allen Streets on NYC's Lower East Side (to call this neighborhood booming is an understatement) sits the tiny restaurant called Oliva, featuring spicy music and a delicious unusual menu from the Basque region.

Oliva Restaurant

Musician and friend, Colette Michaan, flutist extraordinaire, with a specialty in Latin music, plays there with a group called Mo' Guajiro on Wednesday nights from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. and I had a great time at her gig this week. Colette forewarned me that the place can get really crowded, steamy and noisy, which it did. The music was excellent with the happy minstrels jammed into the corner producing good sound anyway. As I love to dance, I got to shake my booty plenty with some super nice Latin guys I met and it was tons o' fun. No, there is no dance floor. The bartender gave the three of us a shot of something that tasted innocent and of honey. I'm not a shot type of girl but I did one for the team and it was delish. This is nyc alive and well: a tiny little joint with sublime food, tasty music and a unique atmosphere.


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