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Designing Your Day

The Mac calendar software that works best for me is DayChaser.

Day Chaser calendar software A small application (part of why it works well), DayChaser does almost everything calendar software needs to do without being overly complicated or causing software conflicts.

Now Software's Now Up to Date was my choice for several years. Unfortunately, while its interface is great, it conflicted badly as soon as System X came around. Apple's own iCal application is great in theory. However, if you're a “power user,” it too will eventually crash and conflict with other applications and once its files are corrupted, you cannot clean them up. You can't even start a new calendar because it is set up to be THE calendar for that user. You would have to sign in to your computer as a new user to create a new calendar, an unacceptable annoyance as all your other files would be with your other username.

The only way in which DayChaser appears to be lacking is an inability to create multi-day banners without blocking other events. You can do it but it ruins the view. So, for instance, if you wanted a two-week vacation (who doesn't?) to be a banner across a bunch of days, it would interfere with the display of other events. That feature aside, it does everything necessary and allows you to customize the display as needed in terms of color-coding categories etc. At $30, you can't go too wrong.


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