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Our Cup Runneth Just Right

My kitty's favorite drinking vessel is mine also. She never seemed to drink water before. When I got these hand-painted goblets, I found that water tasted especially good in them. It must be something about the shape and finish and thickness. Soon, my kitty also started to like drinking water out of them. She climbs up to them on my bedside table at night.

Our Favorite Goblet at Red Elephant Gallery

Finding her favorite mug

Drinking from favorite mug from Red Elephant Gallery

Sticking her whole little head into the goblet

Finished with Goblet from Red Elephant Gallery for now

Done for now

Even animal lovers can be astounded at how “human” our critters are. They have likes, dislikes, feelings, moods and emotions just like we do. They're just better at coping with life's mixture than we are. Great-tasting goblets are by artist D. Lasser and available at Red Elephant Gallery.


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