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Good News Blogging

Does it ever bother you that the news industry primarily reports only bad news?

Good News Blogging

From the time I was a bambino, my mom used to say that the news only reported bad happenings and why didn't they also talk about the great things going on. It made me laugh but she has a good point. It may (sometimes) be less sensational to talk about success than tragedy, but is it really any less newsworthy? Not to mention that success is often hard won and comes with fantastic stories. And is it any less true or reflective of what's actually going on in the world to talk about positive things?

I came to the realization that blogging, which grew up as an extension of the news industry — although any topic under the sun is blog fodder — encompasses a lot of good news reporting. Think about it. What are your favorite blogs about? While you may enjoy some that are like traditional newspapers, I would bet that you like some that are about, say, cats, music, books, knitting, design, food, travel, art and who knows what else. And though newspapers and television news have carried segments about such things, blogs give them as much air time as they want. I think this development more accurately reflects what's really on people's minds and what makes the world go 'round. We don't want to only think about horrific things nor should we nor can we. So blogging not only gets the word out to the masses; it also gets more diverse words out to the masses. My mom's upbeat thoughts have finally found their place.


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