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The Spaces Between

There are so many instances where the empty space between things is what defines them and makes them valuable, gives them their identity:

Necessary white space

The Space Between the Lines

The Space Between the Notes

The Need for White Space in Layouts

The Pause Between Words 

The Power and Luxury of Empty Space 

It's a funny fact that "white" space is seen as "negative" space in a world filled with things, thereby creating a paradox that emptiness is fullness. White is all colors and black is the absence of color yet we see white as empty and black as fully colored in. I've always loved this type of conundrum. Mind twists aside, the positivity of negative space is a real and necessary thing, in all areas: music, graphic design, interior design and in the moments of our days. I think the last one is the most overlooked. Thinking of it this way helps me see how important it is. We need to take a breath, stop and not be doing something at all moments. The contrast helps put things in perspective and illuminates the ways we really want to fill in our scenes.


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