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Slow Starts Can Bode Well

It occurred to me that slow starts can be misleading — in a good way.

Slow Starts Not Bad

While talking to a client and friend today, we were comparing notes on how new challenges get met. When I went to the ICFF the past two days, I didn't know where to start or what to expect; I only knew that many people had told me what an important design show it is and that as a designer, especially wanting to increase my rug design business, I should go. At first, at the ICFF, the registration process wasn't working for me online and the logistics of getting away from work, even on this weekend, were excruciatingly tough, with many projects due.

Slowly but surely, things fell into place. I was lucky enough to have met one person through a friend of a friend who met me there. I met many great people and am excited to have learned about a group of young designers I am going to join who exhibit together, thereby lessening the cost immensely and helping each other out all around. I also went to an after-party yesterday and met more people associated with this design group (more about that soon). Looking back, my visits were a big success.

This experience made me realize that many times when you undertake a new venture, at first the start is uncertain and unclear. But if you head in the direction you want to go, you will get there. Slow doesn't even have to be steady to get you there; all you have to do is start.


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