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Pernicious Pollen and Malicious Missives

Today, the garage where my car got its annual inspection sported a voluminous blanket of dancing snowy pollen on the ground and in the surrounding air. It looked like nature was throwing a pillow fight.

Pretty Pollen

Pretty pollen packs powerful punch

The downy stuff resembled the castoffs of dandelions in their second stage and I guess that's what they were. Some customers at the garage said they were pollen. I had never associated dandelions with pollen before. I used to love them as a kid. My mom was a weed lover and influenced me to love wild growing things, not just cultivated flowers. She could never understand people who wanted to get rid of dandelions. She may not have had any highly allergic friends, though. In a moment of delicious nastiness, I suggested that the endless bouncing pollen could be mailed to people we know who are highly allergic and they'd probably never get it fully out of their houses, with its countless tiny furry parts. This amused the guys muchly and myself too, devising devious uses for the innocent fluffballs. Nature's designs are beautiful and wicked both, not unlike us children of Mother Nature.


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