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New CD Allowed in the Car

My car, nicknamed Petey (it's a metallic blue PT Cruiser convertible), has hosted only CDs by Stevie Wonder since its birth in May 2006. Now, a new CD, Joni Mitchell's latest, has been granted permission to grow roots in the song bin.

My Car Hosts Only Two CDs

Joni Mitchell's current CD, Shine, is lovely, brought to my attention by one of my brilliant musician friends. It's not that it's necessarily my first choice in a world of great music; it's just that it feels right. It's just beautiful. Stevie Wonder's musical seduction goes without saying, in my opinion. I love my car and driving in general. I do often sing in the car and will bring practice CDs in temporarily but none live there except Stevie and now Joni's Mitchell's newest effort (we are not on a first name basis). I didn't mean to so severely limit the car's choices; it just worked out this way and brings me an odd pleasure. Filtering has its place.

“Blue” by Joni Mitchell


I couldn't end this entry without mentioning Joni Mitchell's CD entitled Blue. The color title moves me, not only because of the allusion to musical blues and the full CD is gorgeous, possibly my favorite Joni Mitchell. A great piece of work.

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