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Judging a Book by Its Cover

Gorgeous book covers entice the reader to seek within. I have long bought books for their covers, besides other reasons. I would always choose a great cover over a not great one when looking through new books. Holding a great cover while I read a book adds to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the whole book.

Great Book Design

While all cover designs are fun and important — magazines, brochures, annual reports — in that they set the tone for a piece and make its first impression, book covers express perhaps the most imagination since they foretell an inside story. There is such great range in modern book cover design too.

Book Covers by Louise Fili and Richard McGuire

Above, L to R: cover designs by Louise Fili and Robert McGuire, also the authors 

My own favorite book cover designer is Louise Fili, one of a handful of designers I have admired and who inspired me greatly when I started to design things (and still does). Another is Richard McGuire, whose children's books and toys are perfection. Richard McGuire's books and products are inexplicably hard to find, although you can find some of the books on Amazon. I actually called him up at the start of my career in the '90s and spoke to him. He is a hero of mine and a great designer and has created many illustrations for The New York Times and the New Yorker magazine.


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