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Visual Jazz

Romare Bearden's art is filled with color, light, life, music and cats. He is one of my favorite artists and one whose approach fascinates me. His definition of visual jazz is:

“You put down one color, it calls for another. You have to look at it like a melody.” — Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden, Of the Blues

Above: Of the Blues: Kansas CIty 4/4

Bearden is known for collage paintings and subjects often show the relationship between music and visual art. There's a gorgeous children's book with his illustrations called "I Live in Music." Bearden also loved cats, as is evident in this great portrait. He was an avid reader and wrote his own books and articles. Turns out my father knew him, which makes sense given their great minds and artistic interests.

Artist Romare Bearden Loved Cats

Above, L: The Artist with One of His Very Comfortable Cats
Above, R: Of the Blues: At the Savoy



Love your rugs! And I love Romare Bearden; this has brought back many wonderful memories.

Irene Lynch


Thanks so much for commenting and loving the rugs too. I am just updating the rug site and am psyched about it. I've been wanting to focus on them for a couple of years. I found Romare Bearden because the Whitney had a beautiful show a couple years ago and I went to it on the last day. Also, someone gave me his kid's book "I Live in Music," which is gorgeous. How great that you know his art. I really appreciate your reading my blog. :)

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