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In Praise of Edamame

Delicious and pretty edamame (sometimes incorrectly spelled edamane) is a Japanese vegetable that's soybeans in pods.

Delicious and Beautiful Edamame

Edamame contains fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals in high numbers. It's lots of fun to eat too, as you pop out the feisty beans from their pods. I've had it a few times. Once was at an Asian fusion restaurant in Manhattan and it was superbly prepared, with spicy, salty outsides that enhanced the beans as you worked them into your gob. Then they're also irresistible in a crispy snack from Trader Joe's. The simple at-home way to prepare them is just to boil water, plunk them in, add a little salt, bring back to a boil and cook for five minutes. They're yummy hot or cold, very low in calories, very good for you, very satisfying and very GREEN.

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