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I'm a Little Teapot

These graceful little teapots by HuesNBrews come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors and reminded me and my friends of beautiful housewares by Russell Wright from the 1930s.

Great Tea Pots by HuesNBrews

In person, there's a slightly antique quality to the ceramic as well as the Deco-ish design. The above pots hold tea for two but these come in a few sizes. The coolest thing about these — and other similar designs that can be found lately — is the easy-to-use removable strainer. The strainer sits neatly inside the top and makes using tea leaves a breeze. It also makes the brewing process simple since you can remove the tea leaves after two–five minutes, the recommended amount of time to not over-brew your tea, which varies based on the type of tea being brewed (black, green, oolong, white or herbal).

Caffeine Reduction Tip 

You can make caffeine-reduced tea by steeping for 30 seconds, discarding the liquid and re-steeping for the recommended amount of time. This in-the-pot strainer makes that easy to do. I got mine at the Silver Tips Tea Room in Tarrytown, mentioned a few entries ago, a very relaxing place to spend time. Really nice designs.

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