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Spring Finery

Spring is flirting with us. Around here, it's just in sunshine, as the temperature is still a frosty 40s. But between the sun and great new designs sprouting up, the anticipation of a new season begins.

Gorgeous Spring Finery

Above are gorgeous spring designs by Kate Spade. The shade of green patent is even more striking in person. Lots of apparel looks better or worse on the body and in this case, these sandals look better on, always a plus.

One flaw in the small tote is that the bag closes with a snap over the top, never a good thing in a city where pickpockets lurk and when rushing, things could spill out. (Although I would think a thief would rather steal this for the bag than its contents, not to mention I think today's pickpockets are mostly online.) I wish the company didn't put a big logo on the front (not shown here); who needs that except the designer's mother?  The rope handles are beautiful but I wonder how durable they are and if they will show dirt too quickly. Kate Spade makes a larger version but it loses impact. The larger one is too tall and boxy, more of a regular tote, whereas the small one has a jewel-like aura. The clutch shown in the larger photo is usually shown folded over but works both ways. The company makes this model in many fabrications over the seasons.

Like us, most designs have strengths and weaknesses. Anything that gets you into the spirit of renewal and new beginnings is a welcome thing.

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