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Four Leaf Clovers to You

Apparently, the Chicago River gets dyed green in annual celebration of St. Patrick's day, which is tomorrow, March 17th.

A green Chicago River

Since green is probably my favorite color, I can't help but commend them, St. Patrick's Day or not. Meanwhile, here's wishing you the luck of four-leaf clovers, with or without finding any. We all know that true luck comes from within, but just to hedge my bets, I have a hot date with a leprechaun tomorrow afternoon. He's a saucy little sprite, is he. And while I'm not Irish, I am half Scottish, although some Brits would probably tell me that that's way off. I have, on occasion, been told that I look "Black Irish," which I love because it's a striking look with very dark hair and very light skin, a combination I do have but since I went to an international school, I know what the "real thing" is and it's utterly captivating. There is a short road passage near me that looks enchanted at twilight where I know more leprechauns will be dallying tomorrow so I'll have to pass by there.


Happy St. P's day.

And yes, it is a striking look.

Much better than the real thing.

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