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Selling Online

I'm trying my hand at selling online. As a design maven, I buy a healthy share of what I find to be intriguing apparel and home items, usually colorful, of course. Over the last couple of years, I learned (thank you Zappos especially) what styles of shoes I both love, find extremely comfortable and believe to be the most flattering for me. Online shopping has made it possible to be pickier than in the past. You have access to more and can sort and search more deeply than in a physical store. As a result, I got tough about not wearing uncomfortable shoes when so many beautiful ones exist that are comfortable. So now I have a lot of worn-only-once-or-so chic footwear that I'd rather make some money back from than just donate.

Gorgeous Sandals on the Cheap

I'm selling, among other items, sandals by L to R Charles David, Charles by Charles David, Aerosoles

eBay isn't easy for me; I've tried. And I found trying to get in touch with them virtually impossible. So I found a company that puts items on eBay for you. Of course, they charge you a percentage but they take care of all the complications. When eBay first became popular, I was confused that so many people would want used items. But I wasn't thinking about how much I love antiquing, not to mention that one man's trash is another man's treasure. I'm still surprised at the breadth of eBay's success. Wish me luck. And if anyone's interested, these beauties and more are all size 7B, going on the cheap. :)

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