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Chasing Life

Do you ever feel as if you're chasing after things that are there and then gone before you had a chance to really take them in? It's not actually a bad thing, just an odd thing, to me.

Chasing Life

I remember working at Price Waterhouse (my job before starting my own business) and talking to a guy who had become a successful young executive and had previously been in seminary school. We were talking about how life puts you in places you couldn't have predicted. His path had not turned out as he had expected a few years before but it was okay. Mine too. I had become a young working professional with a job I adored working in the arts in a business setting and being single. Without meaning to, I was a symbol for some vision of the "liberated woman," yet I never set out to do this and never gave it any conscious thought.

As we struggle with what life puts in front of us, I think it can feel as if we are not the masters of our own destiny. I guess I'm beginning to feel as if you have to work with this unknown element or factor that you don't have control over and toss it into the things you do have control over and try to make them cooperate. It's like a meal that doesn't have a recipe but you know you're good at putting things together if you just relax and "go with the flow." You know you can deal with the unknowns. Only in life sometimes those unknown variables can be a doozy. You're up to the task, though; I know you are; I have faith in you.


You have always had faith. I know you will never lose it.

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