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Art and Personality

Last evening, I attended a book reading at Patelson's Music House by Stephanie Cowell, author of the historical novel, Marrying Mozart.

Marrying Mozart by Stephanie Cowell

Book cover art for Marrying Mozart by Stephanie Cowell, available in 7 languages

The novel is a fictionalized tale of Mozart and his relationships with the four Weber sisters, one of whom he marries but with all of whom he had in-depth and loving relationships. The personal stories had to be embellished and imagined, as there is limited historical information available, although Stephanie Cowell did much research to ensure realistic imaginings.

I first met Stephanie at a holiday party this December. She used to have the day job (yes, even while being a successful published author, she had to keep another job) that my friend now has taken over. Patelson's was an apt setting for Stephanie's reading because it is a revered mainly Classical music resource and Stephanie bought her first Mozart score for Figaro there at the age of 12.

This excellent interview with Ms. Cowell will likely make you want to read the book. From reading this probing interview and from hearing Stephanie speak last night, it fills my mind with thoughts about how the personalities of artists interact with the world and the people with whom they live and love. As an artist myself, who has known and loved many artists, both brilliant and struggling (as Mozart was both), this story captures my curiosity about what is eternal in personalities throughout history. The potentially emotional topic of what is "owed" to a family is much discussed too.

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