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What's Up Your Sleeve?

Design trends come and go and recycle. Trends generate renewed interest and lead to innovation too. As long as we don't become "victims" of these, they are a healthy part of history and change. One of my favorite trends in women's clothing this past year has been great sleeve treatments. I've always loved certain aspects of Medieval clothing and this development capitalizes on some of those details.

Great Medieval Sleeves

Beautiful sleeve treatments in costumes based on historical clothing

Great Sleeves

Tops from this season flaunting fancy graceful sleeves

The modern sweaters and tops are not as elaborate as more ancient styles but they take their cues from long-ago designs. These sleeves have great names too like "lantern" sleeves, "batwing" sleeves, "balloon" sleeves, "flutter sleeves" etc. Clever and beautiful adaptation like this does my designer heart proud. It's what I love about type design in that type design always alludes to the past while creating much that is new in the present. Nodding to and learning from history while inventing beautiful new creations is what smart progress is all about.

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