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Staying in Bed — Doing Whatcha Gotta Do

Kitties know how to relax. 

My kitty made me make the bed the other day with her still in it. As much as kitties know how to be comfortable, they are also often skittish. I guess she knows me well enough at this point because she let me struggle my way around her while staying just right comfy, don't you know. You can see the patch of a magenta color on the right side of the photo above, which is the top of the quilt that had to get tucked over her while she stayed put. She's the picture of comfort, don't you think? I loved it that she stayed her ground and let me work around her. She let me shove the blankets around however I had to and she slid right along. She was like a center kitty medallion that came in a set with the bedding.

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