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December 14, 2007

What's Up Your Sleeve?

Design trends come and go and recycle. Trends generate renewed interest and lead to innovation too. As long as we don't become "victims" of these, they are a healthy part of history and change. One of my favorite trends in women's clothing this past year has been great sleeve treatments. I've always loved certain aspects of Medieval clothing and this development capitalizes on some of those details.

Great Medieval Sleeves

Beautiful sleeve treatments in costumes based on historical clothing

Great Sleeves

Tops from this season flaunting fancy graceful sleeves

The modern sweaters and tops are not as elaborate as more ancient styles but they take their cues from long-ago designs. These sleeves have great names too like "lantern" sleeves, "batwing" sleeves, "balloon" sleeves, "flutter sleeves" etc. Clever and beautiful adaptation like this does my designer heart proud. It's what I love about type design in that type design always alludes to the past while creating much that is new in the present. Nodding to and learning from history while inventing beautiful new creations is what smart progress is all about.

December 10, 2007

Bring on the Bad Weather

Happy feet make for a good day. And good design makes me happy. I believe it makes everyone happy, just some people know it and others use well-designed objects and don't realize why they like them better. Now that winter is upon us, it's especially time for bad weather gear. The boots below are all gorgeous, high style footwear that also happens to be weather or waterproof.

Gorgeous Weatherproof Boots

Weatherproof Boots by L to R, Stuart Weitzman, Aquatalia by Marvin K, Brilliant 

I own the boots at left, purchased at a very good sale price from Gotham City Online. I also own a pair by Brilliant, the maker of the boots on the far right. Both have held up amazingly in bad weather. The Brilliant line is specifically made for snow and is more casual and less expensive than the other two examples in terms of quality and style. Although all these examples are suede, they are not delicate to wear (they look it, though) and are warm and toasty. It's a thrill to have nice footwear on snowy days when you sometimes think you'll have to put boxes on your feet. The chic pair at left, by Stuart Weitzman, well known for his rain-proof line, has held up perfectly. I was afraid to get them soaked but got caught in a torrential downpour and they look unworn and kept my feet dry. Aquatalia is a line made to be good-looking and resistant to bad weather; they hold up. These boots are not cheap (approximately $150 – $450 range) but are worth buying instead of a couple of other pairs, as you can wear them more and longer and continue to look and feel great. You can also find great deals online if you hunt. Sudini is another maker that offers a similar nice product in the less expensive price range. Now, if these great designers and manufacturers would just go full-speed ahead and make this footwear in brilliant colors, the world would be an even better place.  

December 2, 2007

Staying in Bed — Doing Whatcha Gotta Do

Kitties know how to relax. 

My kitty made me make the bed the other day with her still in it. As much as kitties know how to be comfortable, they are also often skittish. I guess she knows me well enough at this point because she let me struggle my way around her while staying just right comfy, don't you know. You can see the patch of a magenta color on the right side of the photo above, which is the top of the quilt that had to get tucked over her while she stayed put. She's the picture of comfort, don't you think? I loved it that she stayed her ground and let me work around her. She let me shove the blankets around however I had to and she slid right along. She was like a center kitty medallion that came in a set with the bedding.