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Windows to the Soul

There is debate over the origins of the phrase, "the eyes are the windows to the soul." Some credit Immanuel Kant. Max Beerbohm, the fantastic, quote-worthy writer and illustrator, author of "The Happy Hypocrite," said, "I do not need a book of quotations to know that the eyes are the windows to the soul."

The feline's windows to her soul are shining above. Anyone who ever doubted whether animals have souls has only to look at this intelligent, soulful, volumes-speaking gaze to know that animals have, if anything, more soul than we do. They generally dance better too.


Incredible photo.

The emergency vet has a close up picture of a kitty that made me think of Cassandra.

Thank you. Cassandra's face makes for good photos. I saw that photo at the Brooklyn emergency animal place and it looks so much like Cassandra, it could be her. I love it.

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