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Favorite Spots & Expanding Horizons

My friend and client, Peppy, has been on a long, adventurous road trip as she makes her way (with her equally intrepid husband, Eric) to San Diego, moving from New York. I design her website and set up her travel blog for her and love following their trail. It has made me think about places to be and visit.

When I close my eyes, my favorite places to imagine look something like the image above — gracious spots where you can wile away time, alone or with a friend — in a garden-type setting that has both wild growth and cultivated aspects to it. I hope to have my own garden that looks like this some day. There's a small beach at the end of my block that I and many of my friends love deeply too. It's not kept up well but it has a magnificent view of three bridges, a usually gentle ocean (being on the bay side of the island which is calmer), picturesquely run-down slabs to sit on and a light breeze coming off the ocean. This is a good place to reflect and take a break from the hustle bustle in which we can get so caught up. Trips like Peppy's open our eyes and minds to how much the world has to offer. Sometimes we get stuck in one way of seeing and being. It's great to get unstuck and breathe a little.

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