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Welcome Autumn

Autumn is making her presence known — Autumn the kitty, that is.

Autumn the Kitty

Autumn is a big personality in a teeny wrapper. She's brave and playful and extremely loving. She'll cuddle and lick you indefinitely. My friend, Susan, thinks she found her litter mates because there are several other female Calico kittens about Autumn's six months of age, who also have surprising personalities. One walks alongside her human while the dog gets walked. The gatekeeper at Susan's boatyard thinks that cats inherit personality traits as well as coloring. Why shouldn't that be so since it can be for humans? This is a shot of Autumn on one of her first forays into the rest of the apartment, as I am doing the slow breaking in acquaintance process with my other cats. It's important to do too, as they have some skirmishes when they all get together but all in all, things are progressing fine. I am lucky to have met this girl. Find a few more fun photos from Autumn's adventures here.


Keep us posted about her trip to the vet!

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