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The Real Deal

Last night, I heard the Dave Liebman Band play at Birdland in Manhattan.

Dave Liebman Band

Dave Liebman and band members, L to R: Anthony Jackson on bass, Mike Stern on guitar, Dave Liebman on sax, Vic Juris on guitar, Marco Marcinko on drums and Tony Marino on bass — photo by David Sokol

Felt like poetry. Sounded like a breezy day. For any music afficionado, this is great stuff. My boyfriend studied sax with Liebman and went to college with drummer, Marco Marcinko, who is now my favorite drummer. I design the website for Euphoria Studios, owned and operated by David Sokol, where these great musicians sometimes rehearse. Dave took the excellent photo above. So there was quite a bit of small world cooperation. I don't like going into the city much these days (I'm in City Island, about 45 minutes to midtown) and the noise and hustle bustle isn't my thing any more, surprisingly to me. But this type of art at your fingertips is exactly what the city is famous for. And famous it should be.

Birdland is a very nice club too. The service is genteel and friendly. The sound balance last night was excellent. All in all, just what New York has been acclaimed for for a long time, though much else in the city has changed. A night well spent and the kind of experience that renews your faith in the creative spirit.

This great sax playing calls to mind one of my rug designs at left below, titled Sax, inspired by my sax-playing honey, shown here next to another design called Think, inspired by the Abstract Expressionist artists, both available at Katie's Modern Rugs

Katie's Modern RugsKatie's Modern Rugs


That certainly was quite a night, and you described it brilliantly...

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