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Colorful Kitty Rescue

Kitties kitties everywhere. So many to love. So hard to compare. Check out this super colorful kitty I rescued today, with the help of my fantastic friends.

Autumn, the Colorful Kitty

She looks as if Jackson Pollack had his way with her, which is a fetching way to look. She had been loitering in the alley next to my house in City Island. She is super friendly, which indicates that she probably belonged to someone at some point. She also seems very young so it's odd that she would be thrown away. She's a bit beat up, which doesn't really show in this photo. I'm having her checked out by a vet tomorrow. There's a possibility she may be pregnant, as people think they saw her cavorting with local tomcats but we'll wait to see. At any rate, she is safe and sound now and I pray she isn't sick. With her great disposition, she will make anyone an amazing companion and has already enriched the lives of the people who have come across her. What a creature. God knows what She's doing, even though it's a nutty world. See some more photos of colorful kitty here.


Oh my God.

She's beautiful...

She's as cool as she is beautiful, which makes her a great catch. It's just like when you fall in love with someone and you realize they have all these great traits. She's quite something. She's so friendly and she has been having to fend for herself in an alleyway. What a girl.

You haven't seen the last of her.

She will come back to you.

Thank you! For those who don't know, colorful kitty disappeared from her nest last night and we don't know how, as the door was secure. There is a crack in the wall we didn't notice, though, so we are praying she will come out for food soon. Please everyone send good vibes out for her safe return.

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